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How to listen to web radio on OS9

One of the things I do enjoy when sitting down on my Power Mac G4 is

a) one of those cold brew coffee drinks
b) listening to the local radio station via the web

The latter is easy to do, but I keep reading about people having trouble with it. That's usually the case because they try to listen to web radio via the built-in function in iTunes.

Apple has long shut down the routing in iTunes, so forget about it. (actually, forget about iTunes, but that's different topic)

What do I need?

Basically every half-baked mp3 player can be used. Yes, that even includes iTunes. I personally love SoundJam MP because I've been using it for ages and got all my playlists set up.

There's also Audion 3.02. That one might be even better for web radio, as it includes a recording feature. So you tune into your favorite station and save your favorite songs locally as mp3s.

How to find a radio station

You need to find the stream of your favorite radio station, usually coming as a .m3u file. My favorite source for that is It's Classilla-compatible and doesn't torture you with full-width background images.

Now pick your favorite radio station. Life is one hard choice after another, eh?

Then click on the "Stand Alone Player" link. It'll download the .m3u file to your Mac.

Click to enlarge

Now add the file to your favorite player and radio playback should start.

Happy listening on your obsolete Mac hardware!

Last edited: May 23th, 2020

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