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Other programming languages on the Mac OS

While C / C++, Pascal and RealBasic are probably the most popular programming languages. They are, however, by far not the only ones. Assembler had a very vivd community especially on 68k Macs, where speed was critical. Many of our favorite classic Mac games contained at least parts written in Assembler.

Then there's also the category of very approachable programming languages like AppleScript or Hypercard. While not as versatile as others, I won't scuff at them as they can serve a purpose and might be good for absolute beginners.

And then there are compilers for "oldies" like FORTRAN and COBOL, but they may be a bit hard to find. Your best choice is to keep checking the Development Tools section of the Macintosh Garden.

In this section we'll cover the outsiders, the niche languages. Please contact me if you've got something to add to this section.

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