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Free Webhosting for your classic Mac OS projects!
April 1st 2020

Nope, not an April's Fools! The good folks over at the Macintosh Garden started to offer a new service for Mac OS users. Register and you get your 500 MB web space for free! Whether you'd use it for file hosting or building your own website (Geocities-style!) is completly up to you.

So far, a few fellow Mac OS fans have already created their spaces and I can only recommend it! Download Adobe Pagemill 3.0 if you don't know any HTML and create your own fun little web project!

That said, how about a lightweight website for cool Macintosh wallpapers that work with our old machines? Anyone?

Video Entertainment for Mac OS users
March 27th 2020

Good news - Cornica is back! Cornica, what? Well, if you missed its first augeration about 8 years ago - it is essentially an archive of Quicktime movies that allows users of Mac OS (that is: System 7 - Mac OS 9.2.) to download and stream videos on their machines.

Best of all - the page was designed to run well even on 68k Macs - so what are you waiting for? Head over to Cornica and check it out!

Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium hits milestone
January 21st 2020

Happy New Year to all those with the computer 'for the rest of us'! We're starting 2020 with a maybe less sensational, yet still interesting news: Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium keeps updating its database and has just added its 250th entry.

Next time you're stuck on a Mac OS game (yes, without an "X") surf by the Emporium for some hints or cheats. And best of all - you can do it with the old browser on your Retro Mac!

A Guide to building Sherlock plugins
December 20th 2019

It has been some time since the last new update. Frankly, it was not only because I've become a dad again and had my hands full at work & at home. No, the MacOS community tends to be rather quiet these days, for whatever reason. Where are the cool new MacOS projects? Write me!

Anyway, anyone remember Sherlock? The search engine that came with your MacOS? Theo sent in the guide on how to build your own Sherlock Plug-in. Anyone up for building a Macintosh Garden plugin? Head here for the Guide. (PDF, works with Acrobat Reader 5.0)

Nethack needs a Mac OS maintainer
April 2nd 2019

In case you missed this - the classic roguelike adventure Nethack is still maintained for our Mac OS. Well, it was actually, because 3.6.1 will be the last Mac OS version of the classic free dungeon crawler game in development since 1985. That is unless someone will volunteer as a maintainer. Anyone up for the task? (modern browser needed)

The Forbidden Towers - new hypercard adventure game
March 30th 2019

Ready for some late 80s adventure stuff? Remember the World Builder games? This comes close to it. BitPusher released a fresh 2019 transcription of the classic 1985 "choose your own adventure" story entitled "The Forbidden Towers" for our beloved Mac OS. In this story, you are Lifin, a spirited young elf tasked with saving his village from a unique elven plague by locating a special herb that only grows in the center of the Forbidden Towers. Guess what happens next.

System requirements are fairly low since it was created with Hypercard 2.4.1 on an OS9 system, so even your old 68k machine should do well. You can download The Forbidden Towers (Netscape compatible) for free from the Macintosh Garden.

Jabber server updated, new features added
February 2nd 2019

Few MacOS news during the past weeks. Maybe everybody was still recovering from Christmas? Don't miss out to send us any interesting news if you're "in-the-know", please!

Back to topic: There has been an update to our Jabber server that allows you to use Facebook Chat, ICQ etc. on your old Macs! Changes include a notification if someone has sent you an image (previously no message), Facebook GIFs are sent as a link and finally Discord support has been added. If you're a regular user, you don't need to do anything to get the new features. If you're not a user yet, then head over to our jabber page and finally sign up! :-)

Functional Keys version 1.7 released
December 15th 2018

Who says there is no new software developed for the MacOS? Brynjar Saunes Bye just released a new version of his Functional Keys that fixes some bugs and can be obtained for free from the Macintosh Garden.

Functional Keys assigns certain tasks to the F-Keys of your keyboard, including things like changing sound volume, color depth, screen resolution and music track. Functional Keys even offers a sort-of Exposé on the Mac OS, which is something OSX users have grown accustomed to. (not that we would understand why anyone would want it since we've got collapsing windows :-) )

68kTube: A YouTube proxy
October 21th 2018

One of things people seem fancy about doing on their devices is watching YouTube videos. 68kTube is a transcoding proxy that plainly downloads a YouTube video, converts it into Quicktime and streams it to your machine. Pretty neat, huh? Except it doesn't work. Well, it does, but when we tested it, it was rather crashy and wouldn't play many videos correctly.

Despite the name it needs a PowerMac running Quicktime 4.1 or later and MacOS 7.1. Unfortunately the last update was November 2017, so this project doesn't look very lively. However, the code is out there on Github to be grabbed (needs modern browser) and forked - maybe somebody else would like to take it up and polish it?

MacLua: Lua ported to Mac OS
October 20th 2018

Welcome another newcomer to the scene of MacOS programming. The latest contestant is MacLua, a port of the popular Lua programming language. Right now it only comes with support for MPW (sorry, Codewarriors!) and lacks bindings for the Toolbox (doh!). However you can add it yourself since MacLua is completly open-source. It is available over at Gihub. (modern browser needed)

System requirements are very modest, to say the least. A 68020 or better, at least 1MB of memory and System 7.1.2 or later.

MacOS9 on later PowerPC G4 hardware
October 20th 2018

Since we didn't cover that topic last year (because frankly, we weren't here yet) we'd like to point out the progress that has been made on getting Mac OS 9 to run on unsupported hardware. Meaning later PowerPC models that Apple never officially offered with OS9, even though they could run it. Among them eMacs, PowerBooks, PowerMacs and (!) the MacMinis.

Does it really mean you can run Mac OS9 in all its glory on a MacMini? Yes, it does! Head over to the forums to get to know more! (Classilla browser or better needed)

USB Wombat: ADB-USB Input Controller
October 10th 2018

Some of you may not have heard about it, but this project deserves some attention. The USB-Wombat allows you to connect your favorite USB mouse and keyboard to your classic Mac - and vice-versa.

Want to keep using your favorite Gravis MouseStick II? No problem. Think about how cool it is to use a KVM switch and use your Apple Extended Keyboard for your old PowerMac AND your brand new iMac!

USB Wombat is 49$ plus shipping. There's an optional case for 10$. You can order it here. (modern browser needed)

Update on MacTorrent Development
September 26th 2018

Good news for those of you waiting for an update on the only GUI MacOS Torrent software "MacTorrent". Author Theo Knez let us know that he is planning on releasing an update in the near future. It will include Magnet link support along with some bug fixes. (the memory leak will be adressed)

Support for DHT (Distributed Hash Table) is on the horizon, but will likely take a bit longer. If you want to try out the current version 0.2.2, you can download MacTorrent for free at the MacGarden.

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