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How to setup Code Warrior on the Mac OS
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Get CodeWarrior and install it. I'd recommend version 6, as that one offers the largest range of support (from 68k Macs to OSX machines) but really, any version is fine. Some steps in the guide may be different depending on the version, but you'll easily figure it out. Don't forget to get resEdit too. The Macintosh Garden is your friend.

  • Start up CodeWarrior and choose "New Project" from the File menu. Projects keep track all the info for a program that you write.

  • Choose the C stationary. By doing so, you're telling CodeWarrior which files need to be included. (quite a time-saver)

  • Give the project a name. You want to use descriptive names so that you'll remember what it is after coming back in 5 years from now. NewFallout.mcp is fine.

  • Choose a location for saving the file. (it is strongly recommended to keep all files related to a project in one folder)

  • Press OK. The next dialog asks you what Toolbox to use. Choose 68k, as that will make our programs run on both 68K & PPC Macs.

  • You should the floating container with some options. Open the folders. Those are the files of your project. Codewarrior pre-fills them with some placeholders like SillyBalls.c or SimpleAlert.c. We'll take care of that a little later.
Creating a resource file
  • Switch to ResEdit to create our resources file.

  • Create a new resource file from the menu.

  • Choose a name for it, like FalloutRemake.rsrc and save it in the folder that holds your project. Go back to Codewarrior.
Integrate the resource file in CodeWarrior
  • Click once on the dummy resource file in the floating container (e.g. SimpleAlert.rsrc) in CodeWarrior.

    Floating container in Codewarrior handling sources and resources

  • Now choose "Add Files" from the project menu and pick the resource file you just created with ResEdit. Click on done.

  • The resource file should be inserted. You can delete the dummy file now by choosing "clear" (or "remove" - depending on your CW version) from the project menu
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