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About Mac OS Today

Mac OS Today strives to provide up-to-date info, news and tutorials on everything regarding programming Mac OS. Maily from from System 6 up to MacOS 9.2.2

Being long time MacOS users since the early 90s, we're still love and use our old beige boxes. Thus, we put a special emphasis on keeping the page accessible for older machines. We believe that Mac OS machines shouldn't be stored away on a shelf, but still be actively used. Yours truly uses his trusty PowerMac 6100/66 on a weekly basis to try out new (old) stuff, playing some of his favorite Mac games and actually updating this website!

There are many pages out there that cover hardware specs or software reviews for our old machines and frankly, they do a great job. Apart from the fact that everyone of us here shares an interest in programming, there is very little information about programming for the Mac OS. Especially when it comes to beginners. We aim to change that.

So why bother anyway?
While programming for the Mac OS (mainly System 6 to Mac OS 9.2.2) is not commercially interesting anymore, the experience can be very rewarding. Not only does new software keep our old machines in active use, but you'll also learn a hell lot more about programming itself. Something that modern frameworks and wrappers won't teach you.

We're listing your options here in respect to programming languages for the MacOS. Click on the language to get more information about tools & guides. Soon we'll add a dedicated forum section for Classic MacOS, where you can ask your questions or looking for people to work with on classic MacOS software!

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