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Swift programming on Mac OS 9
April 2nd 2020

Talk about impressive things - Jordan Rose is a professional developer and coded an app in Swift. Yawn. But wait! He did it in Mac OS 9. No, this is not a belated April's fools! Check out the full story on his blog, where he shares his experience. (modern browser needed)

Free Webhosting for your classic Mac OS projects!
April 1st 2020

Nope, not an April's Fools! The good folks over at the Macintosh Garden started to offer a new service for Mac OS users. Register and you get your 500 MB web space for free! Whether you'd use it for file hosting or building your own website (Geocities-style!) is completly up to you.

So far, a few fellow Mac OS fans have already created their spaces and I can only recommend it! Download Adobe Pagemill 3.0 if you don't know any HTML and create your own fun little web project!

That said, how about a lightweight website for cool Macintosh wallpapers that work with our old machines? Anyone?

Video Entertainment for Mac OS users
March 27th 2020

Good news - Cornica is back! Cornica, what? Well, if you missed its first augeration about 8 years ago - it is essentially an archive of Quicktime movies that allows users of Mac OS (that is: System 7 - Mac OS 9.2.) to download and stream videos on their machines.

Best of all - the page was designed to run well even on 68k Macs - so what are you waiting for? Head over to Cornica and check it out!

Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium hits milestone
January 21st 2020

Happy New Year to all those with the computer 'for the rest of us'! We're starting 2020 with a maybe less sensational, yet still interesting news: Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium keeps updating its database and has just added its 250th entry.

Next time you're stuck on a MacOS (yes, without an "X") surf by the Emporium for some hints or cheats. And best of all - you can do it with the old browser on your Retro Mac!

A Guide to building Sherlock plugins
December 20th 2019

It has been some time since the last new update. Frankly, it was not only because I've become a dad again and had my hands full at work & at home. No, the MacOS community tends to be rather quiet these days, for whatever reason. Where are the cool new MacOS projects? Write me!

Anyway, anyone remember Sherlock? The search engine that came with your MacOS? Theo sent in the guide on how to build your own Sherlock Plug-in. Anyone up for building a Macintosh Garden plugin? Head here for the Guide. (PDF, works with Acrobat Reader 5.0)

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