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e-World is back! Well, sort of ...
June 28th 2020

One of the things I missed during the 90s (and feel sorry about) is to subscribe to Apple's short-lived e-World. From what I can tell, it was a small yet very nice community. People would help eachother with Mac (and sometimes real-world) problems, download updates & utilities and swap stuff on a classifieds section.

Apparently I am not the only one who felt something was missing today. Tom Owad from Applefritter went ahead and set-up a reboot of e-World. This is what he has to say:
Applefritter BBS is a homage to Apple's eWorld online service. It is designed to run on classic Mac OS computers. It also runs on Windows or Mac OS X (through Wine), but you don't get the classic eWorld experience on those platforms. On Macintosh, the BBS really feels like eWorld.
Unlike the old days, this e-World usage is offered free of charge. Just head over to Applefritter's client download site (Classilla compatible) and grab the client.

Gaming like it is 1999 again!
June 28th 2020

Whenever I see that box of Diablo on the shelf above me, I fondly remember the nightly hours spent on Fighting monsters together with friends was great fun. (usually until a cheating PKer came to ruin the session). Anyway, looking at the box reminded me that those days are gone and will never come back. (Blizzard dropped support for Mac OS long ago)

Well, not all is lost. The Macintosh Garden, the guys that preserve a gazillion Mac titles and offer it free for download, put up a server that emulates the You get the chance to play Warcraft II, Starcraft and Diablo 1 & 2 online again - from your Mac OS machine! Now talk about cool things!

The service is still experimental and they're fine-tuning it, but if they keep improving things and keep it reliably online (they have an excellent track record for that) this will be the place to go for online gaming on Mac OS. Check out the thread on the Mac Garden forums that has all the info on how to join.

Instant Messaging on Mac OS / Links updated
June 21th 2020

A rainy summer here in central Europe means all the more time to spend with our Macs. I've since updated my links section with a few cool websites. As always, they are all Classilla compatible unless noted otherwise.

Also I've been helping to test the updated Macintosh Garden Jabber server (which works great with Mac OS btw!) and written a guide on How to: Instant Messaging on Mac OS. Chatting with your Facebook friends from a 20 year old Mac OS computer is a very cool experience. Talk about longevity here!

Another cool thing I ran into - apparently there's a German Macintosh Fanzine out there that gets published as a Hypercard stack. (well, some issues are pdfs too). Still, quality looks good and if you know German, definitely give it a spin.

To print or not to print
June 10th 2020

A friend wanted to configure his printer with Mac OS9.2. While helping him I realized that this would be a good addition to our "Use Today" category. Thus, I've just added a small guide on how to setup a printer on Mac OS.

As always feel free to write back with feedback & questions!

Happy printing everyone!

New "Use today" category at Mac OS Today
April 23rd 2020

So you've got that heavily upgraded old Mac running Mac OS 9 sitting on your desk. But what to do with it? Games. Ok. And else? Err ..

Now look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't feel the same. Can a 20+ years operating system still be useful? It can.

Bookmark Mac OS Today and keep coming back from time to time, as I'm adding content to the "Use Today" category. We're starting with an article on how to listen to web radio while on Mac OS. Enjoy and may your PRAM battery never explode!

Swift programming on Mac OS 9
April 2nd 2020

Talk about impressive things - Jordan Rose is a professional developer and coded an app in Swift. Yawn. But wait! He did it in Mac OS 9. No, this is not a belated April's fools! Check out the full story on his blog, where he shares his experience. (modern browser needed)

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